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It pays to advertise?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

‘Half the money spent on advertising is wasted, the trouble is working out which half!'

So spoke David Ogilvy, of Ogilvy & Mather, a titan of the advertising world; so, if he doesn't know … ? Anyway, since the campaign to advertise Death in Deia went into overdrive in September – 40 tube stations, 50 bus shelters and BT kiosks – have born witness to the 'Thriller of the Autumn'.

We started a social media campaign to ask for the best sightings and postings on social media and our first winner is Susan Lofthouse, who wins a bottle of vintage champagne. Two further winners will be revealed within two weeks, and there is still time to enter!

As of October 4th, the book is being featured on the back of London buses. The sales? Accelerating very nicely, thank you; the trouble is we don't know whether it's due to advertising, Amazon reviews or the Trip Fiction review. Thank you, Mr Ogilvy, you’ve been absolutely no help at all!'


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