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"Having written his first novel  based in England’s sunniest  and scenic corner Cornwall, local author David Coubrough has gone one further, with the sequel, Death in Deia, based in Majorca.

 This time the pace increases, if that is possible, as the plot twists and turns more than the road from Palma to Deia, as family and friends go looking for a multimillionaire’s missing inheritance.

 And as the deaths mount up so do the possible suspects.

It is a very fine English whodunnit, which certainly left me guessing to the end.

And as always with good English thrillers, there is plenty of  possible dead ends as we career round the beautiful mediterranean island.

And a coup-de-grace I certainly did not suspect."

Steve Lowe - Journalist

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice

"...a bit Agatha Christie meets Daphne du Maurier." 

The Times

"Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice is a dark and plot-twisting page turner in the Best British Crime tradition."

Western Morning News

"An intriguing cast of characters, murder and mystery and entwined in this thrilling novel, which culminates in a startling end that leaves all concerned fearing for the future."

EP magazine

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