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David Coubrough, Author

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About the Author

David Coubrough was born in London in 1955 but grew up in Radlett in Hertfordshire.

He was passionate about writing from an early age. English was his favourite subject at school and he often won essay writing competitions.

Although he went on to become a businessman, he always harboured a dream to be a professional writer.

He continued writing throughout his life but it was in his mid 50s he decided the time had come to embark on his first novel. The thrilling, dark and sometimes humorous Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice.

Set in Cornwall it was published in 2016 to highly favourable reviews. The novel was inspired when David revisited St Ives, the scene of many of his childhood holidays, and the memories all came flooding back.

This year he has published his second thriller Death in Deia, set in Mallorca, which has been very enthusiastically received by readers. For more than 30 years David has visited the island and in more recent years has been inspired by the Tramuntana mountain range, which led to the creation of the plot. Its extraordinary scenery has also influenced highly creative works from the likes of Robert Graves (who lived and died there), Chopin, Chagall and more recently Andrew Lloyd Webber.

David has a lifelong love of Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf, who rather more famously, was also influenced by St Ives.

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Death in Deia

April 2019

In this fast moving crime novel, Deia is the centrepiece for a series of murders connected to the embezzlement of an extraordinary £100 million fortune ...

When the multi-millionaire Ken Stone dies, one of his three daughters inherits his massive estate and disappears to Mallorca. Several years later, Grant Morrison, a family friend goes in search of the missing daughter : however before he can discover the truth behind how this fortune had somehow eluded other members of the family, he comes to a very violent end. The discovery of a huge and dangerous web of deceit, enveloping the whole family, follows Grant’s death. And his death is not the first ...

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Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice

Each summer a group of families holiday together in St. Ives, Cornwall, but in 1972 their lives are shattered and they never meet up again. In a lane in the village of Zennor a hotel porter is found fatally poisoned. Later that week the body of another man is washed ashore. Grant Morrison, then aged seventeen, has long been troubled by the two deaths and their aftermath and, decades later, decides that the time has come to uncover the truth.

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice is available from

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Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice and Death in Deia are available from

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For further details please contact David's literary agent David Godwin at DGA Associates

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